7 Work-From-Home Essentials

Working from home is often a combination of comfort and chaos. “Where people spend their time really matters,” says Matthew A. Finn, founder of Cognitive Design in Atlanta. “It makes a big difference to your quality of life … and it really influences your behavior and your health.” Finn’s architectural work is influenced by his…


Many Older Workers Say COVID-19 Changed This Decision

Retired man reading the newspaper
Photo by Freebird7977 / Shutterstock.com

COVID-19 changed just about everything in America — include the way we plan to retire. Instead of taking Social Security later in life, 3.1 million Americans aged 55 or older now say they will apply for benefits sooner than they planned to before the pandemic, according to U.S. Census Bureau findings. On the other hand, 1.4 million people in that age group now plan to work longer than they…

Source: moneytalksnews.com