How Much Does A Stethoscope Cost


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4. ADC- As with the Littmann stethoscopes, ADC is a brand known for variety as far as stethoscope cost are concerned. Regular stethoscopes can go for as low as …

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Stethoscopes vary widely in terms of cost. There are some I have seen that are as cheap as $7.50, and others that are several hundreds of dollars. Of course, there is quite a difference in the features and precision over that price range.

Average cost of stethoscope. The average cost of a stethoscope can vary widely from the $10 cheap stethoscopes at Walmart to a couple hundred dollar Littmann Master Cardiology. The wiser factor, however, is price-over-quality. China-made stethoscopes can be as low as $6 to $17, although you may find higher-priced ones, too.

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