Osha Manuals For Dental Offices

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Top 5 OSHA compliance requirements for your dental office Our 2019 OSHA Products for Dental Offices consist of a number of compliance resources. Our simplified OSHA training and reference manual is designed for any sized dental office.

2019 OSHA Manual for Dental offices including regulations and Standards Manual (hardcopy) + Safety Policies and Forms (CD) + Training Outline and Test + Resource CD + Posters + Labels + 4 years of support and updates

For offices that do not require the entire OSHA Compliance Kit, or that have outdated manuals or systems other than HPTC, a MANUAL ONLY option is available. It includes

Comprehensive OSHA Manual for Dentists and Dental Facilities. OSHA Dental Manual, Training CD and Documentation Kit at affordable prices. Cal/OSHA and WISHA packages are also available.

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Our OSHA solutions have everything you need to get into compliance! It’s perfect for the dental office, oral surgery practice and more. This product comes with 3 major componentsosha reference manual, Documentation Kit, and OSHA training resources.

Note: Is your practice in California or Washington? You have a unique OSHA state plan! Click for the specialized product. Prepared by authorized osha trainers, this web-based online OSHA Training for Dental Offices covers OSHA rules and regulations for both existing and new employees.

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